Washington Redskins Select RG3 in 2012 NFL Draft

By Ricky Allen

Reading the comments of Robert Griffin III in the Washington Post today made me want to do pushups and put on face paint.

Not just any face paint, that Braveheart face paint.

That’s why when he was selected tonight in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, you heard the chants that equated what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson heard at Wrestlemania.

(Oh yeah, did anyone hear the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin “What” chant in the background? Hilarious…that’s immortal.)

RG3 is content. He’s not concerned with what people think, even if there is one so-called “Scout” that says he’s selfish. RG3 is ready to get started.

He was quoted by the Washington  Post saying this about the Dallas Cowboys: “They’re a rival…I’ve never been a Cowboy fan. I’m not a Cowboy hater, but as soon as I put on the burgundy and gold, I’m all for the burgundy and gold. And that’s something that I try to live by…”

It was at this point I could hear theme music in my head. The current playlist starts with Rocky, and Hans Zimmerman (Dark Knight) following.  I think he’s getting the entire Redskins nation hyped, putting the responsibility of success on his back, and is sending  an indirect message that implies it’s time to move forward. I’m sure he’s heard the stories. I’m sure he’s read the headlines.

He has this swagger with him that says “Let’s just do this”.

And his feelings on Dallas? Bonus. He’s embracing the idea of being the franchise, being the brand, and there’s nothing wrong with what he said or how he said it.

Griffin added, “…They want me to be their quarterback. I hope it was not just a move by the GM or just the coach; I hope it was the GM, the coach, the owner, ALL the coaches, ALL the players, because I want to be that guy for them. I went out and did what I was supposed to do — I made a team fall in love with me. I worked hard, and my hard work paid off.”

Now it’s time for the Redskins franchise to do their part. He’s here, he’s ready, and wants to prove himself. That’s what I call a franchise quarterback.




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