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Who Should the Philadelphia Eagles Select With Their 2012 1st Round Pick?

The day of the NFL draft is here and diehard football fans (and even casual football fans) couldn’t be more excited.

The Philadelphia Eagles have the 15th overall pick in the first round, their highest first round pick since they selected defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley with the 14th overall selection in the 2006 draft.

The 2012 season has already been established as a make-or-break season for head coach Andy Reid. After first-round playoff losses in 2009 and 2010 and no trip to the postseason in 2011, despite a massive offseason spending spree, the Eagles need to go deep into the postseason in 2012. Or Reid is gone.

That being said, the Eagles need a player who can help them win now. This is a relatively deep draft, and there’s a lot of good players the Eagles could pick at pick number 15.

Or they could trade up. Or trade down.

But because the Eagles are a pretty good team, I don’t necessarily think they should target a single player. They don’t NEED a defensive tackle or defensive end or cornerback.

They could use a safety, but I doubt Alabama’s Mark Barron will be available at pick 15. They could use a linebacker, but Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly won’t be there at pick 15. A wide receiver would be nice, but is it really more important than improving the defense? And what about an offensive linemen as insurance?

I rarely don’t have a strong opinion on anything involving the Eagles. If you have read my articles, you know that. But this is a situation where I don’t have ONE guy I really want.

If Mark Barron was available at 15, I would pick him. If Kuechly was available, I would pick him. If I had to trade up to get either, I would do it, as long as it wasn’t into the top ten.

I’m not a fan of trading up to get a defensive tackle or a defensive end. I don’t understand why everybody says the Eagles should draft a defensive lineman.

We have Pro Bowl defensive ends, one very good defensive tackle, and an average defensive tackle as our four starters. We also have good depth. I wouldn’t mind a mid-round pick on the defensive line but probably not a first round pick. I also don’t think the Eagles need to trade up for Fletcher Cox, as many have suggested.

I’ll have to see exactly who is available at pick 15, but I think the Eagles should just go for the best player available, whoever that is. If it’s Ryan Tannehill, take him. If it’s Michael Floyd, take him. Riley Reiff. Stephon Gilmore. Michael Brockers. Quintin Coples. David DeCastro.

Just get the best player available, regardless of position. Trade up a few spots if necessary to nab a guy like Kuechly or Barron. Don’t trade up too high. Trade down if another team makes a good offer, and collect more draft picks.

(And for the record, I think the Eagles will stay at 15 and select Michael Brockers.)