From One First Rounder To The Next; Dan Marino Welcomes Ryan Tannehil Via Twitter

By Jeff Everette

Hall of Fame Legend Dan Marino was up late Thursday night and the plight of his old team must have been on his mind.  At 12:28 A.M. Marino sent this tweet to the Miami Dolphins brand new quarterback of the future:

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Ryan Tannehill must have been heavy on Marino’s mind to have the 50 year old using twitter after midnight on a weeknight.

Maybe he was doing the same as I was, lamenting the woes of the franchise, and resisting the urge to spend some time with the bottle of cognac winking suggestively from its place on the wet bar.

Maybe he was sitting there lamenting and resisting, and he started wondering if a possible come back was in the cards, after all there are a lot of new stadiums that have been built since 1999, and Eli really needs someone to put him in his place since Peyton is no longer keeping little brother in check.

Maybe he was sitting there lamenting, and resisting, and wondering, and finally could take it no longer.

Maybe that is when he decided to just give up and stop lamenting, to give up and no longer resist, give up and quit wondering.

If this was the case, than maybe it was at this point that he realized, as I have, that the choice has been made.  There is nothing that can be gained from lamenting, resisting, and wondering about what can not be.

Maybe this is what caused him to turn to twitter to extend his hand to the young quarterback, showing the fan base  he was on board, assuring us all everything will be just fine, and we should all go to bed.

Yeah, I’m sure that is how it went.


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