Green Bay Packers Could Trade For Cleveland Browns’ Colt McCoy

By Michael Terrill

There are several reports surfacing that the Cleveland Browns are shopping quarterback Colt McCoy and the Green Bay Packers are interested. The Browns are trying to make a trade after drafting Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Green Bay desperately needs a backup quarterback as Graham Harrell and Nick Hill are third-stringers at best. General manager Ted Thompson and the Packers could trade their sixth-round pick, not to mention one of the seven seventh-round selections to sweeten the deal.

It is critical Green Bay gets a solid backup for MVP Aaron Rodgers as a safety net. When Matt Flynn took the field fans liked their odds of winning the game, however, nobody feels that way about Harrell or Hill. Not to mention, it is important to have a backup with NFL playing experience so if the time comes to send him in he knows what he is doing.

Head coach Mike McCarthy has seen McCoy up close as he attended Texas’ pro day a couple years ago.

“I liked this workout better. I thought Colt was challenged more in his workout as far as the types of throws,” McCarthy said.

He clearly liked what he saw so it seems he would have no problem with McCoy as the backup. The Packers are all about drafting quarterbacks and building them up as Green Bay is known for being quarterback “U” in the NFL. However, McCoy was drafted in 2010 which means he is basically relatively new to the league.

The Browns have not been shy admitting they are trying to deal McCoy and the fact they have spoken to the Packers.

“It’s something we’ll talk about tonight and tomorrow,” Browns general manager Tom Heckert said on Thursday night, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

As much as Thompson loves his draft picks, I believe this is the right way to go if the Packers can get McCoy for a good deal. If the Browns begin to ask too much Thompson should just spend one of those draft picks on the many available quarterbacks in the draft.

The 6’2”, 209-pound McCoy has completed 400 of his 685 passes for a 58.4 completion percentage. He has passed for 4,309 yards, 20 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and a 74.5 quarterback rating in two seasons with Cleveland.

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