Michael Brockers Added in a Trade Down By St. Louis Rams in NFL Draft

By Anthony Blake

The first round was an active one in the 2012 NFL Draft and the St. Louis Rams were one of the clubs that chose to slide down in the flurry of movement that took place on Thursday evening. Slotted to pick sixth overall, the Rams saw the Jacksonville Jaguars jump ahead of them to select wide receiver Justin Blackmon and seized that opportunity to move back even with Morris Claiborne still available.

Any team looking for help in the secondary would be frantic to move up into the Rams’ spot and the Dallas Cowboys were the team that came calling. The Rams added yet another second round pick to their arsenal of ammunition in this year’s selection while moving back to Dallas’ 14th overall pick. That added second rounder is number 45 overall and is one of three picks in the first thirteen scheduled for the Rams in Friday’s second round along with the 33rd and 39th overall selections.

After moving back to the 14th pick, the Rams were probably looking for either Michael Floyd or Fletcher Cox to slip to them. The Philadelphia Eagles decided not to tempt fate and instead moved ahead of the Rams to take Cox 12th overall while the Arizona Cardinals then selected Floyd with the 13th pick.

While the positional thinking was right, the name wasn’t exactly what was originally forecast, but Michael Brockers is now a member of the Rams. Adding Brockers brings a wealth of versatility and a player with the potential to be the best at his position when this draft is looked back on a few years from now. He is huge at 6’5” 322lbs. and still raw at just 21 years of age. Some teams shied away from him due to perceived immaturity during the interview processes, but the Rams feel they can harness his talent and turn their defensive front into a wrecking crew for years to come.

There could still be plenty of movement left to come for the Rams if they want to continue moving around to target particular players. They will be on the clock quite often in the early going on Friday night so this draft is a long way from over for Rams’ fans.

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