Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Mark Barron, Doug Martin in First Round

By Max Luckan

The draft is officially underway, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers definitely started off with a bang. Tampa Bay first moved back two spots to number seven, and grabbed Mark Barron, the safety out of Alabama. Then, the Buccaneers moved back into the first round near the end, and selected running back Doug Martin, who was seen by many as the second best running back in the draft.

I must say, Mark Dominik seemed to really resent the 2010 draft and he stated that he made a couple of mistakes in that draft. He pulled off two trades early, with the latter trade being a great move to secure Martin, who has flown under the radar because he went to Boise State. However, I was a little skeptical of the 7th pick in Mark Barron. I thought the Buccaneers needed a corner or a linebacker much more.

But after giving it some thought, I realized that Tampa Bay desperately needed a safety, and that this safety class was not deep at all. Barron is probably the only safety that can come in and start right away. Barron’s instincts are what impress me, though. Of course, I watched some film on him after the Bucs made the selection. He always knows where he needs to be, and is very physical against the run. Tampa Bay needed a strong, tough safety that can cover and stop the run. Barron seemed to be excited, and the fact that he played at Alabama really helped him as well. When asked about how playing at Alabama helped him, Barron said, “I feel like it greatly prepared me for the next level. Everything we do is pretty much the same way it’s done in the NFL as far as football and the way we work out and we practice.” This is presumably the case because Nick Saban was previously an NFL head coach with the Miami Dolphins.

With the 31st overall pick, the Bucs selected Doug Martin, running back out of Boise State. Greg Schiano said Doug Martin sort of reminds him of Ray Rice, and I definitely see the similarities. Martin is built low to to the ground, as is Rice, and he’s a physical, downhill runner, and Schiano must love this about him. Martin will fit well into the new run-oriented offense, and should complement LeGarrette Blount well.

The Buccaneers will have the 68th overall pick next, which is the 5th pick of the third round. It’s very likely that Tampa Bay selects a linebacker with this next pick, and that will possibly be followed by a corner.

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