Tennessee Titans Select Outside Linebacker Zach Brown in Round Two of 2012 NFL Draft

The Tennessee Titans have chosen Zach Brown to help with the numerous problems on defense. Though I still feel a defensive end, tackle or cornerback would still be needed, this is a guy that will help with the defense in getting sacks and tackles, one of the biggest problem areas in Nashville.

Brown ranks in at fifth in his position and 74th overall in the NFL Scouting combine with a grade of 78. He had a total of 91 tackles last year, forced two fumbles and grabbed two interceptions. He is decently sized at 6’1 ¼” (yes that ¼ of an inch is important).

According to the scouting report he is very quick for this position, excellent for a team who ranked in the bottom five of the league in sacks last year. Has a good vertical of 33.5 jumping at the worst at 29 ½. Hopefully this is going to be a move in the right direction for the Tennessee defense.

Defensive tackle Devon Still was available and went to the Bengals in the pick immediately after the Titans chose Brown. What is going through Tennessee’s head and the lack of defensive backs in this draft so far?

To view the Titans official write up from the Associated Press visit Titansonline.com to see the official welcome to the Nashville team.

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