The Indianapolis Colts Must Draft Coby Fleener

By Daniel Canova

First, imagine being a college student.

Imagine being the star quarterback for your Division I program, and imagine being regarded as one of the best college prospects ever.  Yes, ever.

Now imagine you get drafted number one overall, and your selected to a team your pretty much happy to be apart of.

Now imagine when your team is up to draft again in the early 2nd round, they have the opportunity to select your favorite target in college.  This player made you look exceptionally well some nights when you may have been off.  This player is also one of your good friends.  And this player has the opportunity to build even more chemistry with you at the professional level of football.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the description of the relationship between new Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck and college prospect, tight-end, Coby Fleener.

Coby Fleener is a 6-foot-6, 244 pound beast.  Some say the next Rob Gronkowski, or Jimmy Graham.  And some say, perhaps even better.  Earlier this month, I wrote an article talking about who the Indianapolis Colts must target after Andrew Luck is drafted.  And yes, Coby Fleener was one of the two men on my list.

It just makes sense.

Peyton Manning is now gone, and it’s the beginning of a new era.  Tight-ends, Dallas Clark, and Jacob Tamme are both gone as well.  Reggie Wayne is returning, but he is a wide receiver.  The Colts need a tight end.

Coby Fleener is the perfect fit in Indianapolis and I expect the Colts to draft him if he is available with the 2nd pick, in the 2nd round.

Luck and Fleener’s chemistry will continue to grow if they remain on the same team at the NFL level.  In the NFL, the tight end position has become so valuable, even more so than a running back or receiver.  They create mismatch nightmares for the opposition.  Linebackers are too slow to keep up, and corners or safeties are too small to defend a guy like Fleener who would just tower over them.  Luck is going to need weapons in the rebuilding process in Indianapolis, so tonight when rounds 2 and 3 kick off, expect tight-end, Coby Fleener to be apart of the horseshoe.


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