Washington Redskins, RG3, You're Dale Earnhardt Jr. Approved

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins and NASCAR have a number in common: 88.

That’s  Dale Earnhardt Jr’s  number and yes, he’s a Redskins fan.  He recently spoke about the Redskins’ acquisition of  Robert Griffin III , and said he’s looking forward to watching him play. Earnhardt will be in the Capital City 400 at Richmond International Raceway this weekend.

According to an article in USA Today, Earnhardt said, “I hope it’s a good deal and hope the ‘Skins are successful, I hope that Robert’s successful.”

He added, “He seems like a good guy. It’ll be fun to be a Redskins fan and see how that plays out this year and see how well he does. I know all the Redskins fans are excited and expecting big things, and so am I.”

RG3, no pressure, but when the son of a racing legend has your back, I think you’ll be just fine.

I think as time progresses we’re going to see many Redskins fans from various sports show their support for RG3. It’s hard not to support the guy. He’s just likeable. He’s what you look for in a future leader of a professional football offense, if not team.

In other words, he gets it.

He’s a Realist. He’s not coming to the Redskins Nation with no goals of Burgundy and Gold redemption, he’s coming in with a new mindset on things. Here’s what he said in a recent ESPN interview about his future with the Redskins:

“The goal isn’t just to restore the Redskins to what they were, it’s to do even better than that.”   -RG3

It’s not hard to see why Dale Earnhardt Jr. is looking forward to the 2012 NFL Season. Aren’t we all?



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