Pittsburgh Steelers Land Two Offensive Lineman in First Two Rounds of 2012 NFL Draft

By Brandon Bonsell

The Pittsburgh Steelers struck gold with their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft when Stanford guard David DeCastro fell into their laps at the 24 spot of the first round. They received an extra gift when they landed offensive tackle Mike Adams in the second round. Both of these players were expected to be long gone where Pittsburgh got them in the draft.

DeCastro was arguably the second best offensive lineman in the entire draft and was a sure-fire top 20 pick, but with many teams making deals (eight trades in the first round), the cards were in the Steelers corner. DeCastro was an anchor on a Stanford line that was among the leaders in rushing during his tenure at Stanford.

The Ohio State University has a history of producing very talented NFL players. The Steelers can only hope that this tradition continues with the selection of Adams. Pittsburgh is in desperate need of depth at the tackle position and Adams should be able to fill that void.

Pittsburgh’s front-office obviously knew that they had to improve the offensive line due to the recent inability to protect the quarterback and the amount of injuries sustained. Never in their wildest dreams could they imagine DeCastro falling to them in the late part of the first round. Same goes for Adams. It is a mystery how he lasted until the 56th overall pick.

The 2012 NFL draft will come to a close on Saturday with rounds 4-7. The Steelers may look to add a running back due to the loss of Rashard Mendenhall, or they could look to add someone in the secondary to help an aging group.

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