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Titans Select Safety Markelle Martin in the Sixth Round, Trade back into the Seventh Round for Defensive End Scott Solomon

The Titans have made a few more good moves in the sixth and seventh rounds. Markelle Martin out of Oklahoma State will be a great addition to the safety position for the Titans. He is average sized for this position and managed to come up with 65 tackles while attending Oklahoma State. Though he is ranked 100th overall in this draft class, he is ranked fourth in his position.

His numbers consistently go up from year to year and shows that he knows when to buckle down to business. He had some off field problems before 2008, but when the team chose not to take him to the Fiesta Bowl, he quickly changed his act for good. He is a quick reader on the play action according to scouts and can read the quarterback like a book. He covers well and could be fast enough to run with tight ends.

The Tennessee Titans got back into the draft after trading away their seventh round pick. They traded with Cleveland through Minnesota to receive the fourth pick in the seventh round in addition to giving up next year’s sixth round pick.

Scott Solomon stands 6-foot-3 and 262 pounds. He’s going to take some work to get into the professional world here but nothing that can’t be accomplished. Something impressive to me is that of the fact that one of the only players in the draft to bench better then Solomon was Nick Perry, who went in the first round to the Green Bay Packers. This shows his upper body strength and the amount of work he is going to be willing to put into the game.

Look out Titans fans; this is going to be a year to remember. With the defense now secure everyone in the franchise wants to guarantee a season that’s better than 9-7.