Washington Redskins Pick QB Kirk Cousins in Fourth Round

By Ricky Allen

Ok, so when the Washington Redskins took Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins in the 4th round of the NFL 2012 Draft (102nd overall), I wasn’t going to say nothing.

But I did tell my Twitter followers “I told you.”

Ok, I told my Facebook friends too. Alright, so I failed at being modest about my prediction.

I’m not sure what’s left for the Redskins to do other than win games. This has been a great off season.

The fact is, as I’ve said since February (at the risk of sounding like I have a big ego), Cousins fits the attitude and talent the Washington Redskins need. However, to be a backup? This is going to be interesting. I think Mike Shanahan is buying insurance:  Should Robert Griffin III go south (which will not happen so don’t call me a heretic) or gets injured, he’ll have a good backup quarterback to fill the spot. That’s just good business.

Sorry John Beck. I don’t care how many games it was, you gotta make them count.

I’m sure Kirk Cousins will.

In an interview with the Detroit News, Cousins said while he was surprised he wasn’t drafted in earlier rounds, going to Washington did catch him off guard.

“I hadn’t talked to them in the process at great length and didn’t know they were interested, but when I saw a Virginia number on my cell phone, I knew it was a possibility. When I answered, Coach (Mike) Shanahan told me, ‘I can’t passyou up and have to pick you.'”It’s a unique situation with Washington picking Robert No. 2 overall and I didn’t expect it, but Coach Shanahan knows quarterbacks. He worked with Steve Young and John Elway, and I think he held getting me in the fourth round was a steal. I think Robert is in their immediate plans and the long-term hope for their fan base, but they wouldn’t have selected me unless they believed in me. Now it’s up to me to learn the playbook and support Robert, and when I get my opportunity to play, Robert will support me.”

In hindsight, Shanahan was burned by Donovan McNabb. He was caught off guard, and tried to fix it with Rex Grossman and Beck. That didn’t work either. He had no one to depend on.  It was a tragedy.  We can sit here and blame it on the offensive line, but what Shanahan needed was a Rambo-like quarterback that will go it alone and make it happen with or without the O-Line.  He has that now.
Redskins Nation UNITE.

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