2012 NFL Draft picks get mixed reviews for St. Louis Rams

By Anthony Blake

There may be mixed reviews at this point regarding the nature of the St. Louis Rams’ haul in the NFL Draft, but their class of 2012 could prove to be extraordinary. Considering the fact that the team is loaded for bear over the coming years in terms of first round draft choices, the Rams organization as a whole has to believe that the 2012 draft was a huge success.

One reason that this draft class could prove to be more than meets the eye is the team’s 39th overall selection, Janoris Jenkins, who has top ten ability with a boatload of baggage to accompany it. Jenkins was thought by many to be on par with the sixth overall draft choice, Morris Claiborne in terms of his man-to-man coverage abilities, but his off the field exploits caused some to even remove him from their draft boards.

Jenkins is just 23 years of age and is already a father of four children to three different women. He has also been arrested twice for possession of marijuana and reportedly continued to smoke even after being dismissed from the Florida football team.

A gamble on a player like Jenkins seems well worth the risk given the opportunity to land a shutdown corner in the second round. Head Coach Jeff Fisher has a track record with troubled defensive backs and using high draft choices on those particular players. Fisher presided over the Tennessee Titans when the team selected Adam “Pacman” Jones sixth overall in 2005.

When asked about being similar to Jones on Sirius XM radio, Jenkins replied: “I mean, no, because I never shot up a strip club or nothing like that.”

While that may be true, the choice to add Jenkins definitely opens the Rams’ front office up to some real scrutiny by the league. There is no denying that the team’s slew of picks from the 2012 selection has supreme talent, but the boom or bust element is clearly present with Jenkins.

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