Breaking Down the Titans Seven Picks in the 2012 NFL Draft

By Stephanie Umek

Tennessee Titans Rounds 1-7 of the 2012 NFL Draft:

Round 1: Kendall Wright WR Baylor

Kendall Wright was taken 20th overall in this years’ NFL Draft and it was probably as shocking to most of you as it was to me that the Titans went for a Wide Receiver in round one. I’m not saying that Wright won’t be an excellent addition to the Titans team, but for all the hype about the defense, you have to be wondering, what were they thinking?

While attending Baylor, Wright did make quiet the impression starting all four years. In 2011 he had 108 receptions for 1,663 yards including 14 touchdowns. He will be an excellent asset to Chris Johnson and what hopes to be healthy Kenny Britt.

Round 2: Zach Brown OLB North Carolina

With the 52 pick in the draft came North Carolina’s linebacker Zach Brown. Brown has a lot of upper and lower body strength and that is going to prove helpful when linking up for the Titans. One of the things that general manager Ruston Webster said in a press conference after the pick is that he likes the fact that Brown has a background in wrestling. I agree.

With wrestlers, you have the ability to use many skills that normally wouldn’t be used in football. Often found in the o-line, it’s nice to see some traits come through on a linebacker. The biggest addition with Brown will be the use of his hands. The frequency and the authority that he has with them well benefit the Titans.

Round 3: Mike Martin DT Michigan

Martin is coming from one of the most competitive conferences in the nation and that in itself states that he has a lot to offer the Titans. Something that the coaching staff likes about Martin is his unique size. He is shorter than most defensive players but feel that his size will be good for leverage. He stands 6-foot-1 and 306 pounds. Last year in the Big Ten, he grabbed 54 tackles and ranked 10th in the NFL Scouting Combine in his position.

He’s had some durability problems such as an ankle and knee injury keeping him out of a few games from 2009-2011. But he works hard and was named a captain his senior year. He’s great against the run game and fights with an above-average first step quickness. NFL Scouts noticed that he is excellent at getting off blocks

Round 4: Coty Sensabaugh CB Clemson

This pick to me was the smartest in the Titans decision making this draft. Sensabaugh seems to be a very mature and knowledgeable player with the mind set to go into the Tennessee Titans locker room knowing he has huge shoes to fill at corner. He can be used on the inside and outside which will prove effective on the field.

One thing that people can’t seem to stop raving about is his maturity level. The post draft interviews with Sensabaugh were nothing short of assuring. He is ready to take over the position of cornerback, though knows he has to earn it. There are guys on the teams like, Ryan Mouton, who want to step up. With his background at Clemson, he is able to describe in detail the kind of plays that they were running. He knows the game and everyone talks so highly about him. I am excited to have him as a Titans player.

Round 5: Taylor Thompson TE Southern Methodist

Thompson is a player with both experience at tight end and defensive end. He is going to be able to shed a new light on the defense with his massive size standing 6-foot6 and 259 pounds. Titans offensive coordinator told, “For us to get him where we got him, I mean there’s a reason he took 10 visits. It’s not like we’re the only one that saw the acorn.”

Clearly ready to be in the NFL he is ready to prove himself to those that doubt the fact that he can play at the tight end position.

Round 6: Markelle Martin S Oklahoma State

While a little bit on the smaller size for a football player, being at the safety position suits Martin just fine, he is most dominate in his ability to turn himself around. Not being a very good student in 2008 forced him to mature very quickly if he wanted to continue to play football. By the end of his career he was receiving academic achievement awards.

Martin ran average across the boards at the combine, coverage is good and scouts think his punch can be pretty violent. He doesn’t shy away from contact, it’s going to be fun to watch him get his hands dirty.

Round 7: Scott Solomon DE Rice

While attending Rice, Solomon holds his career high of 24 sacks in one season, excellent considering that the Titans were somewhere around 28th last year in sacks. It will be interesting to see the chemistry between him and newly drafted defensive tackle Mike Martin, surely coming in during the same year will make them bond more than ever

Solomon also recorded 43.5 tackles for yards lost while attending Rice. From the looks of all these fine players, Tennessee is going to be a strong defender during the season and as long as the cards fall into place, so should the playoffs.

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