Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery is the Modern Dave Wannstedt


All of us that can remember will always cringe when we hear the name Dave Wannstedt. His coaching and scouting set this organization back for years. After reviewing the Chicago Bears 2012 draft, I am left with that same empty feeling I’d get with Wannstedt. Thanks Phil Emery…you’ve ruined my offseason.

Yesterday the Bears selected a tight end and two cornerbacks in the fourth, sixth and seventh rounds. Fourth Round selection tight end Evan Rodgriguez out of Temple hasn’t been exactly what one would call a model citizen. He had to leave West Virginia after a felony assault charge against a female. He also broke numerous rules at Temple. While the Bears are confidence in his character, this guy leave a tremendous amount of questions. On the football front, many are comparing him to the Patriot’s Aaron Hernandez. While Hernandez is a heck of a player, Rodriguez is another member of the Bears with some character concerns.

In the sixth round the Chicago Bears selected cornerbacks Isiah Frey out of Nevada and Greg McCoy out of TCU. Frey was always a part of the Wolfpack’s strong defense. While he has some skills, Frey is going to be a project. In the sixth round, it is to be expected. Interestingly enough, McCoy may be an immediate contributor on special teams. This also may be another sign that Johnny Knox won’t ever play again for the Chicago Bears. McCoy is an explosive kick returner and grades out as a nickel back candidate. My guess is we’ll see little of McCoy on defense.

So why do I make the comparison to Wannstedt? I found Emery’s draft to be full of prospects and not football players. Wannstedt used to love taking guys that graded out well at the combine, but didn’t always actually play the game at a high level. While Shea McClellin had some solid years at Boise State, his health issues cannot be ignored (three concussions). Alshon Jeffrey has weight and consistency issues. He can be really good or disappear. Taking Brandon Hardin in the third round has too many questions and not enough answers. There’s things there, but he really seems like a guy that will struggle to stay healthy at the next level.

Many of you accuse me of being too negative, but Emery has never been a part of an organization that has won a Super Bowl. He bounces around from organization to organization and had way too many ties to Halas Hall. There’s nothing in this hire or his offseason that makes me think the Chicago Bears are any better off with Emery. His free agency moves were obvious and trading for Brandon Marshall did the Dolphins a favor. While I am happy Marshall is a Bear, it cannot be ignored that he regularly has off-the-field issues. I appreciate Marshall’s efforts to get help, but the bottom line is he still gets into negative situations.

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