NFL Buffalo Bills

2012 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills’ Sixth and Seventh Round Grade

Sixth Round Pick (178):  Mark Asper (OG-Oregon)

Grade:  B

Analysis:  Asper is an extremely versatile lineman for the Buffalo Bills to find late in the draft, as he played guard and left tackle at Oregon.  Buffalo hopes to have him transition over to center as well, and his amazing position eligibility will only help his chance of making the team.

At six-foot-six, 319 pounds, Asper already has the size of an NFL lineman, but it is concerning the he is already 26 years old.  Asper will be much more polished then the other linemen trying to make the team, but the team might ultimately decide to let him go so they could go with a younger option.


Seventh Round Pick (251):  John Potter (K-Western Michigan)

Grade:  B+

Analysis:  Rian Lindell has missed more critical field goals then I would care to remember, some of which have actually been shorter then an extra point attempt, so some youth at the position would not be a bad idea.  Lindell will likely still hold the starting spot, but the drafting of Potter was clearly a statement making move to the veteran kicker.  Potter will likely take over kickoff duties though, as the Bills turned to their punter, Brian Moorman down the stretch last year.  Potter recorded 36 touchbacks last season and with all the rule changes over the past couple of seasons, it is advantageous to have a kicker who can drill it into the back of the end-zone.