San Diego Chargers could be in trouble if Philip Rivers or Ryan Mathews get hurt

The San Diego Chargers brought in Charlie Whitehurst to be their second string quarterback behind Philip Rivers.  Whitehurst has a 1-3 career record, with three touchdowns and four interceptions.  Whitehurst also threw 49 TDs and 46 INTs in college as a Clemson Tiger. There were other options for San Diego through free agency like David Garrard or Kyle Orton, but the Chargers decided to go with Whitehurst.  Although Whitehurst spent four seasons with San Diego from 2006-2009, he was not good enough to start over Tarvaris Jackson who had a 10-10 career record with 24 TDs and 22 INTs going into the 2011 season with the Seattle Seahawks.

San Diego did not sign a backup running back for Ryan Mathews nor did they draft one in round four of the 2012 NFL Draft.  Mike Tolbert signed as a free agent with the Carolina Panthers leaving Curtis Brinkley as San Diego’s only RB besides Mathews.  This will be Brinkley’s fourth season, and in 13 games for his career, he has 32 rushing attempts, 112 yards and one TD.  Le’Ron McClain had 202 attempts for 902 yards and 10 TDs in 2008 with the Baltimore Ravens, but has 89 attempts for 316 yards and three TDs over the last three seasons, and was brought in by San Diego to block for Mathews.

San Diego chose Edwin Baker in round seven of the draft, so with Brinkley or Baker potentially replacing Mathews should an injury happen, or Whitehurst replacing Rivers should he go down, the Chargers could be in trouble.  These were two issues that needed to be addressed going into the off-season, and they could present a problem for the Chargers in 2012.



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  • SoCal

    that’s very deep. which team would not be in trouble if star QB is hurt?

    • Kenny Gardner

      Dallas has Kyle Orton who has thrown 80 touchdowns and 57 interceptions in his career with a 35-34 record, made the playoffs as Chicago’s starter in 2005, was one win away from making it in 2008 and threw 20 TDs and only 9 INTs in 2010. Chicago has Jason Campbell who’s record is below .500, but has 74 TDs and 50 INTs for his career. Houston won a playoff game last season with T.J. Yates, but lost 20-13 in a road playoff game against a Baltimore team that was 8-0 at home, New England was 10-5 with Cassel as a starter in 2008 when Brady was injured in the first game. Green Bay got rid of Favre after 2007 and although the team’s record was not good, Rodgers was not the problem as he threw for 4,038 yards, 28 TDs and 13 INTs in his first season as a starter in 2008