Why Tim Tebow Being Voted in NFL Top 100 is an Absolute Joke

By Jeff Shull

The NFL Top 100 series aired immediately following the conclusion of the 2012 NFL Draft, and already we have someone ranked who has no business sniffing the top 100 players in the league.

Tim Tebow was ranked No. 95 by the players, and it’s a joke.

Clearly fans are not the only ones who bought into the ridiculous hype surrounding Tebow, rightfully dubbed “Tebow-mania.” Frankly it fits because you’d have to be a maniac to believe he will have long term success in the NFL.

Tebow certainly accomplished a great deal in his first year as a starter. He captivated the NFL world with his fourth quarter heroics, but he wouldn’t have even been put in that position were it not for the defense. Brian Dawkins had as much to do with winning seven of eight games as Tebow did.

You clearly saw what happened when Dawkins was forced to miss the final five games of the season. The Denver Broncos lost their final three regular season games and backed in to the playoffs. The one win in those final five games came in an exciting playoff victory at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Given that the Broncos had not had a home playoff game in a few years, the fans added adrenalin and pushed the Broncos to overachieve without Dawkins. They were brought back down to Earth against the New England Patriots. 

Tebow has since been replaced by Peyton Manning and traded to the New York Jets, where he will rightfully play the backup/Wildcat QB role. Anyone thinking Tebow will replace Mark Sanchez at some point is a moron. The Jets paid Sanchez $20 million in guaranteed money in his three-year extension.

Unless by some crazy turn of events the Jets start the season 0-6, the job is Sanchez’s.

When I saw Tebow was ranked in the top 100, I had to use my hand to get my jaw back in place. My mom’s voice in the back of my head screaming “If you keep your face like that it will stay that way!”

How in the world does this guy make the top 100, when last year the list EXCLUDED Eli Manning? The guy had already won a Super Bowl for crying out loud, and the players thought he did not warrant placement on the list. Not only that, but 12 quarterbacks were ranked ahead of him, including Josh Freeman. Freeman was another one-year wonder and showed his true colors this past season.

Maybe Tebow’s placement did more to rile me up about them not including Eli last year, but it’s still a joke no matter how you look at it.

You’ll hear ESPN’s Skip Bayless waxing poetic on his Bromance with Tebow, excreting nonsense out his mouth about how Tebow took the team to the playoffs in his first year starting. Does that fact really make someone deserve to be in the top 100?

Eli did the same in 2005, but he led his team to an 11-5 record and an NFC East championship. The Broncos won the division with an 8-8 record and only because the rest of the AFC West was as average or worse as they were. You really think the players would have put Eli in the top 100 players after the 2005 season?


I bet after the list is over and done with, you will be able to pick between five and 10 quarterbacks you would rather have than Tebow. He may have had success with the gimmick offense the Broncos ran last year, but that will never win a championship.

The NFL players embarrassed themselves by including Tebow in this list. In what world should Tony Romo be only ranked four spots ahead of Tebow? Not one I want to live in.

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