Chicago Bears Jay Cutler is the Best Quarterback in the NFL


Many of you already think I am fairly crazy, but I probably am after watching the Chicago Cubs and DePaul Blue Demons for all these years. However, I am fairly confident in the following statement…


Does he put up the best numbers? No. But if you look at the skill position players on the Chicago Bears offense from last season, he didn’t have the weapons that other quarterbacks around the league possessed. And yet, he was playing like an MVP Candidate until breaking his thumb against the San Diego Chargers. With the Chicago Bears adding Brandon Marshall and by all accounts incorporating a quicker offense, there’s no telling what Cutler will do this season. Frankly, many Chicago Bears fans are concerned about the offensive line and I really think it may end up being one of this team’s strengths.

With Marshall and if second-round selection out of South Carolina Alshon Jeffrey materializes, the Bears will have two ends that will go up and get the football. While I do not get too excited about draft picks, Jeffrey has shown an ability to catch the football in the red-zone. And we all know that Marshall has many off-the-field issues; but the guy is a play-maker. Given his past with Cutler, this may be the stabilizing force Marshall needs in his career. Jeffrey was a beast with the Gamecocks when he had a quarterback that could get him the football. He’s got one now; it comes down to his commitment which is probably the main reason why he fell to the Chicago Bears in the second round.

Along with Cutler, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and that little weasel Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, the NFC Central has the best group of quarterbacks in the league. While many will argue that Rodgers is better than Cutler, and I certainly won’t totally disagree with that statement, these three can flat-out throw the pigskin. The six contests these three teams play against each other will be can’t miss football.

While many fans were happy to see former general manager Jerry Angelo go (I also think it was time for a change), he certainly deserves kudos for finally landing the Chicago Bears an elite quarterback. With Marshall, Cutler now has  a top wide receiver. Here’s to hoping Cutler proves me right!

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