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NFL Top 100: Green Bay Packers Fullback John Kuhn

Every year the NFL Network lists their top 100 players for the coming season. The first 10 players (91-100) have been released and fullback John Kuhn is the first Green Bay Packer to be listed.

The Green Bay folk hero is ranked 92nd on the top 100 list and deserves every bit of it. For those of you that do not know, the top 100 is voted by players in the NFL. Fans can submit their own player rankings at but it does not count towards the actual NFL Top 100 list.

I am sure plenty of Packer fans agree with Kuhn’s ranking but there is one person in particular who does not. Rod Woodson of the NFL Network called it “mind-boggling” because of all the tailbacks Kuhn surpassed on the list.

“Talk about all the tailbacks that he passed up. Do you want a starting tailback or starting fullback?” said Woodson. “I mean, which one is better? To me the guys that he passed up, you know, a Chris Johnson, (Willis) McGahee and Marshawn Lynch out there in Seattle. It’s mind-boggling. I want to interview the guys who made this list because I am a little confused how a fullback can be better than these tailbacks.”

I understand what Woodson is saying, however, Kuhn definitely deserves to be on the list. Does he deserve to be ahead of the three tailbacks mentioned above? Well, that is debatable. Kuhn was given the ball on downs when Green Bay needed to convert a short-yardage play. Every time he touches the football the defense already knows it is a running play so he has to work extra hard to get the desired yardage. Not to mention, the Packers offensive line has been dismal run blocking for years which means Kuhn must put in the extra effort to get a first down. This is why the Packer faithful chants “Kuuuuhhhnnn” every time he gets a touch because they know how hard he has to work to get any kind of recognition.

Kuhn made solid blocks when paving the way for James Starks or Ryan Grant in the running game and is a beast when it comes to pass blocking for Aaron Rodgers.

Woodson stood by his remarks and even added his thoughts on where the full back position stands in the NFL.

“I am really confused about what’s important to players in the National Football League. How many teams use a fullback anymore? The fullback has kind of gone to the waste side in the National Football League.”

The NFL players realize how important Kuhn is to the Packers. Opposing teams may not game plan for him due to the fact that Green Bay has numerous Pro Bowl playmakers on offense. It would be a complete waste of time for defenses to discuss what Kuhn could do to them when they know Rodgers will be on the field shredding their secondary.  However, players realize Kuhn is a blue-collar full back who does the dirty work to make the rest of the Packers look good.

To watch video of John Kuhn on NFL Top 100, click here.