Photo: High School Senior Brings Life-Size Cardboard Tim Tebow to Prom

By Dan Parzych

Another day, another popular story in the world of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. While there have been plenty of great stories over the last year about fans asking athletes to dances, nothing compares to what one fan did this past weekend at her high school’s prom when she failed to land Tebow as her date.

According to Tim Gallagher of the Sioux City Journal, Kingsley-Pierson High School senior Rachel Bird decided to bring a life-size cardboard photo of Tebow as a date to her prom last weekend to get some laughs out of her fellow classmates. Thanks to a local Staples and the help of her mother, Bird was able to create a life-size cardboard print of Tebow and actually acted like he was the real Tebow throughout the night–which sounds hilarious when hearing about what she did throughout the night.

Here’s more details about Bird’s prom courtesy of Gallagher’s article:

Classmates convinced Bird to enter the gym as a “couple” at the grand march. She decided to do it. Announcer Scott Bahrke introduced her last. “Rachel Bird,” Bahrke said. “Escorted by Tim Tebow.”

“It was awkward, but people asked me to stop for photos during the grand march,” she said. “Believe me, this isn’t something I ever thought I’d be doing.”

She does contend she’s the biggest Tebow fan in her school. It would be hard to argue that point now.

Tebow, she said with a laugh, smiled throughout the grand march. He joined Bird at the dance. And while his handle broke when some of the boys passed him around during a fast song, Tebow remained gracious, ever the gentleman.

“He was a cheap date, and he didn’t talk much,” Bird joked. “And when I asked him to stand in a corner, he did. I don’t think it even hurt his feelings.”

Apparently, Bird had sent a message to Tebow via Twitter asking if he had any plans on April 28, but the quarterback failed to respond–which should come as no surprise considering he probably receives 1,000’s of messages each day. It may not have been the same experience, but Bird deserves all of the credit in the world for pulling off an act like this as she will always be remembered as the girl who brought a cardboard Tebow to prom by her classmates.

Maybe if she’s lucky enough, Tebow will come across this story and reach out to her and thank her for such an awesome time on behalf of his cardboard version. Thanks to Gallagher and the Sioux City Journal for the photo in this article above.

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