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Video: Minnesota Vikings OT Matt Kalil College Highlights

The majority of Minnesota Vikings fans live in the midwest, so most of them probably didn’t catch a ton of Pac 12, west coast football last season.

I personally watch only a handful of Pac 12 games every year, usually only featured games on Saturday night. With satellite these days, it is possible to watch the Pac 12 if you choose, but I’m willing to bet most Vikings’ fans are either Big Ten or Big 12 fans.

My point being that unless they double as USC fans, that most Vikings’ fans probably have only seen new draftee Matt Kalil on a limited basis.

Check out this video highlight package, and familiarize yourself with the new foundation of the Vikings’ franchise:

As you can see, the guy is the real deal…

In other Matt Kalil news, he made a few comments at a post-draft press conference, on who he is as a person, and on the person he will be protecting next season, Christian Ponder.

“I’m low key,” Kalil said. “I kind of like to hang out with my friends. Play a lot of football is what I love to do. … I also like to be a good teammate and a good family man. Just the way I was brought up.”

“I definitely take pride in protecting my quarterback,” Kalil said. “I like those challenges when I don’t get any help. …That’s what I like … going one-on-one against the defensive end.”

“I got good vibes from him,” Kalil said of Ponder. “It’ll be an honor to protect his blind side. I think he’s excited, too.”

Vikings’ fans everywhere, are hoping Kalil will live up to the hype in 2012, and for many years to come.

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