Hasselbeck and Other Titans Veterans Happy with the 2012 Draft Class

By Stephanie Umek

Over the last few days the Tennessee Titans have launched their “Titans Caravan” which tours different states with appearances and practices with the players. The team was able to put aside a little bit of time to discuss the moves that were made in the draft. Some of them didn’t know who their new teammates were until the Caravan, because they didn’t even watch the draft. But they all seem to be happy with the 2012 Draft Class, especially Kendall Wright.

Veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, though, did watch the draft. He admitted to Titansonline.com that he does not know much about the number one draft pick, Kendall Wright out of Baylor, but he agrees with the decision that it will help with the offense.

“When you defend a team knowing they have multiple guys that can be inside, outside, in the slot — whether it be Kenny (Britt), Nate (Washington), Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins), Damian (Williams) or whoever, I think it just gives us more leeway, It should help the passing game and the running game. We’ll find out.”

Michael Roos, however, chose not to watch the draft this year. But after seeing the seven picks that the Titans made, he is happy with the decision of wide receiver in the first round despite all of the comments of rushing into the defensive positions.

He told Titansonline.com, “Picking the receiver in the first round I thought was good, He’s an explosive player and someone who can compliment all the other receivers on the team and give our quarterback another weapon. He’s a different kind of player. He’s explosive and it will be exciting. I think it was a good pick and will give opposing defenses something to think about.”

Personally I think this is a good move also, but I wasn’t going to admit it until, like Hasselbeck and Roos stated, they picked some defensive players. Wright is going to be an excellent teammate for the Titans and with depth including Johnson, Britt and Washington; the offense will be just as secure as the growing defense.

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