Jairus Byrd Represented in the NFL Top 100 for Pro Football Focus

By Jeff Sattora

Pro Football Focus has recently been announcing their NFL “Top 100” players and the Buffalo Bills are being represented.  Bills defensive back Jairus Byrd was the first Bill on the list, slotted in at number 72.

Byrd is ranked one spot ahead of Richard Seymour, defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders, and one spot behind Bryan Balaga, a tackle for the Green Bay Packers.

Other notable’s in the 71-80 range in the top 100 include, Champ Bailey, cornerback for the Denver Broncos ranked at 80 and Matt Ryan, quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons at 74.

The review on Byrd said:

“This was the year where Byrd established himself as one of the league’s top safeties, with a season that earned him our third-highest grade of all his peers (+13.0). He broke up seven passes to go with his three interceptions, while only allowing 51.5% of passes into coverage to be completed. What’s more, for a player who spends most of his time playing deep (84.1% of all snaps), he notched up 35 tackles in run defense, good for 16th of all safeties. He’s a rare beast; a free safety who is active on every play.”

They also mentioned his top performance of the year as week 16 vs. Denver (where he had seven tackles and one interception, which he returned for a touchdown).  As well as adding that his “key stat” was, “Missed one tackle for every 14.3 attempts; eighth-best of all safeties.”

This is great recognition for not only Byrd, but the Buffalo Bills as a whole.  To have one of the team’s up and coming players ranked ahead of more notable names like Matt Ryan and Champ Bailey is a great honor, especially when those numbers are backed up by statistics.

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