Miami Dolphins Salvage Offseason Simply By Plotting The Course For The Future

Winning fixes everything.

It is an idiom that we often hear in reference to sports teams going through a rough stretch.  Regardless of the problems, the mismanagement, the blown calls, or anything else that has caused some sort of tribulation for the franchise, winning will cure it all.  Winning will ease the pain, increase patience, and allow the world to overlook the failures of the past.  After all, winning is the goal every time a team takes the field, and successfully accomplishing the goal is what matters, right?

Usually these wins take place on the field, court, diamond, or pitch, but for the Miami Dolphins, the victory has happened in the latter half of the offseason.

Just a month ago, fans and critics were pointing fingers at the team, accusing them of being incompetent.  Fans had held protests, demanded that the General Manager be fired, and were critical of owner Stephen Ross’ attempts to calm the masses.

Yet, here we are just a few weeks later, and there seems to be a sense of excitement in South Florida; the kind of excitement that comes from winning.

Before the 2012 NFL Draft, there were many fans and critics, including myself, who were critical over the possibility of the Dolphins taking a risk on a quarterback with the 8th pick of the Draft.  Those reservations were not unfounded, but now that the powers that be have made their choice, there is a certain assurance in knowing that the team has a plan.

Selecting Ryan Tannehill with a top ten pick was risky, but there are a lot of positives to be considered, one of which is the support he has gotten from the Dolphin coaching staff.  No one knows Tannehill better than his former coach, and current offensive coordinator, Mike Sherman.  If he felt secure enough to tie himself to Tannehill, then he must have a strong belief in the young quarterback’s ability to become a franchise type of talent.

The biggest positive seems to be simply feeling like the team is heading somewhere.

Earlier in the offseason, it felt as if the Dolphins were lost at sea, chasing big name free agents around, releasing long tenured fan favorites, and making no significant improvement, while the rest of the division was making major improvements.

Now, Miami has clearly stated the course they feel will lead them to be a constant contender, and if nothing else, this has bolstered the faith of the fan base.  There is still a split out there among the Tannehill believers and his detractors, but that is to be expected.  Many are just taking it for what it is, and waiting to see what type of team the Dolphins will put on the field come fall.

The offseason may have not began the way that fans and critics would have liked, but there is no doubt that the NFL Draft, and subsequent free agent signings, has brought about a feeling of success, the satisfaction of achievement, and a hope for the future.

And, that is what winning is all about.

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  • Former Season Ticket Holder

    Whoever wrote this article must be smoking crack! There’s no “air of winning” over the Dolphins franchise, just the putrid stench of following 2007′s recipe for disaster with a flair. Tannehill is not ready to be an NFL QB and Sherman was fired for relying on him at Texas A&M last year. With a new, powerless coach, a former HC coordinator and hold-over GM and installing yet another new offense and switching defenses from 3-4 to 4-3 our team is ripe to tank the first half of the season yet again.

    Matt Moore screwed over the Panthers in the same manner, showing up, winning meaningless games to blow the team’s draft position, then bombing as the presumptive starter the following year – unless you Really think David Garrard is healthy and 5 years younger…

    • Jeff Everette

      I completely understand your sentiment, and realize not everyone is happy with the Dolphins decision to select Tannehill and bank the future on him. However, the fact remains, the front office has finally shown that they have a plan for the future. The beginning of the offseason was horrible for Dolphin fans, and there is something to be said about a decisive move that gives the team a sense of direction.
      Also, I am not smoking crack. Things have not gotten that bad yet.

      • djames

        Do you mean the team I have been a loyal fan for over 40 years the one that took a wr/qb with 20 starts on his resume and the one that took Martin who has only started left side hmmm I think we already have pro bowl talent on that side so another player not playing natural position and on and on and on so what direction do you see them going but down.. I forgot to mention tradind away one of the biggest threats in the league at w/ crack topped with pcp

  • Charlie

    While I have been steadily frustrated these past few years, it is nice to see a direction with the franchise. The attitude is not the “3 yards and a cloud of dust” mantra that we have been stuck with, but there appears to be an outcome goal in all of the decisions. And in a sport with a salary cap – sometimes the best move when you are having to retool is to do nothing one year so that you can truly retool the next. This year has been about building depth. The next few years you will see us go hard after talent.

  • Destoine

    Isn’t Matt Barkley coming out next year?…When will this idiot ireland realize that he is making the Dolphinsgstock of the laughingstock of the league? As with every draft, i hope at least one of these picks pan out…do you realize that even Buffalo made steps to improve, they won’t win it all, but they are definitely better…checking adrian peterson into our hotel a few days ago i happened to mention that i was a Phins fan and he loooked at me as if i said i was an ‘alien”….typical response when proudly proclaiming our loyalty. Funny article tho’…great sense of humor