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NFL Wants the Philadelphia Eagles to Administer Fan Conduct Classes

The stories of the behavior of Philadelphia Eagles fans are the things of legend.  From throwing snow balls at Santa Claus and batteries at their own players to booing players that lay injured and motionless on the ground.  To be fair, many of the exploits of the Philly faithful are exaggerated or have become skewed over the years.

Now, the NFL is encouraging the Eagles (and the other 31 NFL teams) to offer fan conduct classes.  That’s right, the NFL wants teams to teach fans how to not act like complete idiots during their trips to the stadium.  According to CBS Philly:

The NFL is pushing the Eagles (and every other team in the league) to add a “fan conduct class,” designed to improve stadium safety.

If a fan gets kicked out of a game for bad behavior, some venues won’t let him back in until he takes the online course by anger management expert Ari Novick.

“The focus of the class really addresses issues related to alcohol abuse, disruptive behavior, and teaches coping skills to fans who are ejected for violating the stadium’s code of conduct policy,” Novick tells KYW Newsradio.

To sum that up for everyone; the NFL wants teams to teach classes to people who get kicked out of the stadium before they’re allowed back in.  This, in my opinion, is a complete and utter waste of time.  If some drunken slob gets kicked out for starting a fight with a fan of the opposing team, he isn’t going to learn one thing from a class that is supposed to teach him how not to be a jackass.

Just a couple questions that immediately come to mind:

Who determines what is “bad behavior” that warrants being required to go to the classes?  Does everyone that gets kicked out for any reason have to attend a class?

Is there a test?  And if so, is it pass/fail or a percentage grade?  If there’s a grade, what is considered passing?  Do they grade on a curve?

What is the cost for this course?

Can they be fined/cited on top of this?

Idiot fans exist in every sport, in every town and every venue.  Arrest, fine or cite these morons for their behavior.  At least that revenue will go back to the municipality where the incident occurred, instead of into the pocket of Ari Novick.  What a complete sham.