Steve Johnson Goes Under the Knife to Repair a Groin Tear

By Adam McGill

Why so serious? Well how about the fact that Buffalo’s number one receiver, Steve Johnson, just went under the knife with only four months until the regular season. Buffalo Bills’ star receiver had minor surgery yesterday to repair a nagging groin injury that has bothered SJ since December. Johnson continued to play through a shoulder injury as well, and his ability to keep playing through the pain was said to have inspired the team down the stretch, even if it did not make a large impact in the win column.

The problematic receiver has already drawn more criticism this season after tweeting about his surgery and posting pictures online while still in the hospital. This is not something that you want to share with the entire world, especially the always-prying eyes of the NFL. Johnson just signed a 5-year, $36.25 million dollar contract, so the surgery is a little concerning, but it is viewed as a very minor procedure. Despite the operation, Johnson is still expected to be able to participate in all the team’s “OTAs” at the end of the month and expected to be on the field for week one.

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