Video: Luisa Seau, Junior Seau's Mother, Breaks Down While Addressing the Media

By Bryan Lutz

Today has been a shocking day in the sports world with Junior Seau’s suicide. As fans of the game, it hurts seeing a player who dominated the game while I was growing up end his life so abruptly. But suicide doesn’t end the pain for Seau, considering his own family is left with the burden. When his mother Luisa Seau addressed the media, it’s quite visible how distraught she is. It’s so sad to see the effects from his unfortunate decision unfold the way it has. No parent want to see their children die, especially when it is self-inflicted, and Luisa Seau doesn’t know how to handle it. I almost don’t want to show this video, but it’s just too powerful.

I can’t imagine the pain she is feeling today. Breaking down in front of the media is something so raw and emotional we really don’t have the right words to say. I certainly don’t know what to say right now. Suicide is a touchy subject for all involved. If you are deeply religious or conservative then you think one way, while people who have battled depression think another. No one really knows what was happening in Junior’s brain, and that’s why he shot himself in the chest so his brain could be studied to see the effects the game of football had on him. So I’m not going to judge Junior Seau, because it was clear he was a troubled individual when he apparently tried to kill himself previously from a car accident.

I do think it’s ironic and sad that his happens the day the Saints’ players received their suspension for the bounty incident. Players, or should I say scum, like Jonathan Vilma embrace the bounties and dirty tactics of their coaches by “killing” the brain, or whatever the hell Gregg Williams said. Well, Vilma, you now see some of the effects you could cause by you deliberate and hideous actions.

With that said, it’s a sad day for everyone involved. Thoughts and condolences go out to the Seau family.

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