Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins Pick Makes Sense, Not "Surprising"

By Ricky Allen

The last thing the Washington Redskins need to face in the NFL 2012 Season is an injured Robert Griffin III and Rex Grossman back in the pocket. Enter: Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State.

The odds of this happening? One in every four downs.  Injuries are a part of football and can happen to the healthiest and strongest of individuals. The Washington Redskins would be seen as a big gamble if they hadn’t drafted  Cousins. He brings credibility to their definition of the word “depth”. While we all know that he will most likely be the backup quarterback for RG3, I think that’s a better option than reverting back to the performance of Rex Grossman.

Don’t get me wrong, Rex has a role to play in this entire operation. He can graciously share with RG3 what led to a lot of his missteps, insight on how the offensive line operates, and why mobility is key.

Kirk Cousins knows this. This is nothing more than a place for him to get his feet wet. As much as I would like to dream, looking at his numbers at Michigan State shows he will not stay a backup quarterback for long. He will be a starter somewhere, but not with the Redskins unless the unthinkable happens. He will play his role as the backup, and he will do it well–more  for the chance to market himself in front of  scouts and agents that will be watching his professional football performance.

He will not be John Beck. Cousins will arrive and will deliver.

So I’m surprised at how so many commentators, columnists, and freelancers are “surprised” at the acquisition of Kirk Cousins. Didn’t anyone see what happened to the Indianapolis Colts? As soon as Peyton Manning was out of commission they sunk. This was a wakeup call to everyone in the NFL.

I wish people would just admit the obvious: This year, the Redskins got it right.  They should be given credit to providing the depth to the QB position it desperately needed. They have two rookie quarterbacks (one a Heisman trophy winner) that have proven themselves in their college years and who are ready for their professional debut. They have a veteran quarterback that while suspect at times, has managed to gain useful intelligence on teams (believe or not it’s called experience) that he can pass along to these young guys.

The Washington Redskins no longer look like one big gamble: They look like a football team that has dotted all the I’s and have crossed all the T’s.   Anyone  surprised by the Kirk Cousins draft pick doesn’t know the business of football: They just watch football.


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