Companies with "RG3" In Their Names Getting Exposure

By Ricky Allen

You’d think the name “RG3” would bring about a wave of hits for companies who, by coincidence, have that abbreviation.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Last week I was drifting through the Internet looking for information about Robert Griffin III and realized there was a company out there that has the perfect name right now for their web site:

“RG3 Suspension – Home”.

At first glance you’re thinking “Oh come on, he just got drafted!” Relax. It’s not what you think.

Started by Rob Henricksen in 1998, RG3 Suspension is focused on bringing “… the art and science of off-road motorcycle racing suspension to a whole new level. From the original shop in Anaheim, California, a seed was planted and the reputation of “RG3 tuned” suspension and along with the performance of our products started to grow.

RG3 products and services were born at such legendary race tracks as Daytona, Anaheim, Hangtown, Buds Creek, Unadilla, Southwick, and in the Baja desert and GNCC courses. Year round testing and racing on major tracks and courses across the country are the proving grounds for RG3 products and services and is our winning formula. The RG3 approach to racing proved very successful. The attention to detail and passion for perfection was instilled in every employee from day one.”

According to their website, they also support six race teams: Factory Makita Suzuki Lites, Factory FMF/Suzuki Off-Road, Hart and Huntington, Suzuki City, and Fun Center Suzuki– and with the Freestyle groups like The Metal Mulisha.

Pretty cool.

So no, they’re not a football site, but I’m sure by now they’ve realized that for the next couple of months they will be a part of a very popular search term/phrase on the Internet: “RG3”.

I contacted them to see if they were receiving any extra page views/hits beyond the norm and here’s the response:

“Hi Ricky,

I’m sure we have had some additional page views but once the person realizes it’s a motocross suspension company that move right off the page.


That may be true, but I bet they got some great exposure for their company, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I’m sure there’s a another company out there that woke up the day after the 2012 NFL Draft and was like, “Oh wow”.

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