Junior Seau Provides Background Music in a Tribute Video by USC

By Jeff Shull


Though not a particularly long tribute video, the late Junior Seau’s alma mater, Southern California, posted a YouTube video with a few highlights from Seau’s college career. On April 14, Seau recorded the song in the background, playing what appears to be a ukulele at USC’s Spring game. The song is Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight.

It is hard to figure out exactly what caused Seau to take his own life. Family and friends who saw Seau in the weeks leading up to this horrible tragedy claim they saw no signs of depression. Unfortunately some individuals are well trained in suppressing their true feelings, and clearly Seau was dealing with some deep emotional issues.

Those who knew Seau express how positive an impact he had on their life. ESPN’s Merril Hodge talked at length on NFL Live yesterday about how remarkable the Polynesian culture is, and how real everyone he knows with that background is. Seau was no exception. He was a positive person, took his craft very seriously, and made it a point to be active in his community. He touched many lives and the city of San Diego has lost one of its favorite sons.

The 12-time Pro Bowl player and first-ballot Hall of Famer was as great off the field as he was on it.

No parent should have to bury their child, and I do not recommend watching this, but Rant Sports’ Bryan Lutz posted a video of Seau’s mother, Luisa, addressing the media. I admit I teared up watching; I don’t remember watching anything so raw and full of emotion. Obviously any family is going to be a wreck when losing a member far too early, but the love he shared as a family man is clearly depicted in that video.

Please say your prayers for the Seau family, and never forget one of the NFL’s all-time great players.

Thanks to Bro Bible for the video.


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