Osi Umenyiora Won't and Shouldn't be A Giant after 2012

By jason evans

At some point you need to cut the cord with certain people. Whether its people in your life, or if you are running a team you at times will let a player go to free agency. This will end up being the case with Osi Umenyiora after the 2012 season. The Giants are already very close to the salary cap to begin with and sometimes that will lead to teams letting people go.


There’s no question that Osi Unemyiora is a great player. He is an elite pass rusher in the NFL and with the way the league is played now, you can never have enough pass rushers and corners. The Cowboys traded up in the draft to pick Morris Claiborne and signed Brandon Carr because their secondary was so awful down the stretch. The Jets are still looking for a pass rusher for their defense and have drafted a defensive lineman the past two years in the first round.


The Giants have too many younger players that they are going to need to take care off with long term contracts. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are two guys who are going to get their money whether its in New York or somewhere else. Jason Pierre-Paul is going to get paid as well. He at this point is a better player than Umenyiora, besides the fact that he is also seven years younger than Osi.


It is always better to cut players a too early than a year two late. Can Osi go to another team and thrive? Of course he can and he probably will. I’d rather let Osi go and be able to keep other players long term, than have Osi and lose a player like Cruz. The Giants draft pass rushers better than any other team in the league and they will be able to find a way to replace Osi that way.

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