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Titans Add Two More Players to Add Depth to Roster

Earlier in the week the Tennessee Titans were proud to announce the signing of two more players to the team. They have added Linebacker Zac Diles and rookie Running Back Collin Mooney.

Diles has been in the NFL for five years now and he experiences with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,  and division rivals Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts. Between Tamps Bay and Indy, Diles played 11 games last season. His first four seasons were with the Texans, where he did much of his impressive work. While in Houston he played 50 games (30 starts). Throughout his entire career he tallied up to 61 games played with 154 tackles and three forced fumbles. He recorded one sack and one interception.

I would prefer to have seen a few more sacks and interceptions for a guy that has been in the league for five years, but as long as he is going to be working on getting through the blocks better, then he should be a great asset to the Titans.

Collin Mooney on the other hand, does NOT have as much experience. He chose to forgo his senior year of college at Army and in 2009 he enlisted to give his commitment to the Army. He is now submitting an early release to play for the Titans. He might not have played at the professional level yet but while in college, as a fullback he marked his season-high yardage at 1,339. Now that’s a number that the Titans like to see.

The Titans have also allowed safety Michael Griffin to sign a waiver so that he may participate in the offseason program. Griffin is the player that a few months ago, was chosen as the franchise tag recipient. And brought on the biggest controversy of what would happen to Cortland Finnegan.

With these additions, the Titans were forced to release Fullback Will Ta’ufo’ou and Linebacker Lawrence Wilson to create room on the roster.