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Atlanta Falcons Bird Droppings: Santa Vick, Cheerleaders, and a New Faulcon

It’s time for our weekly dose of Atlanta Falcons “Bird Droppings”.  Little tid-bits, rants, factoids, and snippets from around the Falcons camp and the rest of the NFL.

The Falcons received a $3 million cap credit from the money owed to the franchise by former quarterback Michael Vick.  The Falcons had been pursuing the credits with the league since Vick signed his $100 million deal – which included $35 million worth of guaranteed money – with the Philadelphia Eagles last summer.  So Vick finally came through for Atlanta in crunch time.

The final tryouts to become a 2012 Atlanta Falcons cheerleader were held on May 3, 2012. Of the 270 ladies who originally tried out, 65 finalists competed for 40 spots on the squad.  The selected candidates will have rehearsals up to three times per week throughout the 2012 season.  Cheerleaders are paid $75 per home game.  Isn’t that less than the cost of a ticket?

Former Atlanta Falcons Jamal Anderson, Chris Doleman, and O.J. Santiago, have added their names to the ever expanding list of players suing the NFL over concussion-based issues.  The players assert that the league hid the dangers of concussions from them, and “repeatedly refuted the connection between concussions and brain injury.” according to a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Atlanta by attorney Mike McGlamry.  Keen awareness of this issue is certainly going to be in the spotlight following the tragic suicide of former San Diego Chargers legend Junior Seau.

One of the undrafted free-agents signed by Atlanta is named Chad Faulcon (yes, pronounced just like falcon).  The safety from Montclair State University in New Jersey received a warm welcome from fans on Twitter this past week.  Eric Dye, public address announcer for the Georgia Dome, has to be licking his chops at the prospect of announcing Faulcon’s name on game days.

I’ve seen fans, bloggers and professional journalists that have given grades on the Falcons’ draft ranging from B’s to D’s (and I actually saw one F thrown in there).  What I want to know is, who blew the bell curve in the league? Oh…thanks a lot Oakland Raiders, as usual.

I’ve seen new Falcons’ defensive back Asante Samuel referred to as the “worst tackling cornerback in the league”.  How about we actually let the guy play a down or two before the skewering begins.  With all due respect to his detractors, if Samuel does what the Falcons are paying him to do, there won’t be a lot of tackling involved in his job.

Falcon’s owner Arthur Blank and the rest of the franchise’s top brass volunteered to improve conditions in a local Atlanta neighborhood known as “The 30314″.  A community center called City of Refuge was the focus of the team’s volunteer efforts.  Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, head coach Mike Smith and his entire staff worked to increase a garden space, build an indoor playground and improve residences for single women and approximately 80 homeless children in the non-profit center.

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