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Jayron Hosley was a Good Pick for the Giants

The pick of Jayron Hosley may prove to be an important pick for the  New York Giants in 2012. Corners are much needed in today’s NFL and you can never have enough of them. Hosley will fill a need as the Giants move forward in this season.


Aaron Ross went and signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Giants needed to pick up another corner to help them. Terrell Thomas re-signed and he will start opposite Corey Webster. Prince Amukamara in really his first full season will end up playing the nickel. Hosley at this point is the team’s fourth best corner. He’s one play away from being on the field a lot for the Giants. If Hosley was two inches taller he probably would’ve been a first round pick.


Hosley plays a physical brand of corner and may also help in the kick and punt return games. Just because the Giants picked Hosley doesn’t mean they think less of what a guy like Amukamara can do. The way teams run wide open offenses around the NFL, you need as many good corners as you can to cover the wide receivers and maybe even some tight ends. Little injuries come around here and there throughout the NFL season, and having depth at every position is important.


Hosley did fail a drug test at the combine which might have caused his stock to drop a little bit, and guys who end up failing drug tests will have questions about them especially in their first year and being in New York. With all that said, I think this was a solid, smart draft pick by Jerry Reese and may prove great dividends right away in 2012.