Chicago Bears Jay Cutler Not Happy With Earl Bennett; Deletes Twitter Account


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his fiance, Kristin Cavallari are not happy with his teammate, Earl Bennett after he announced to the world that they were expecting a baby boy. Cutler was apparently not ready to pass out the personal information to the press, but in a recent radio interview Earl spilled the beans. He said, “New toys, a baby on the way–he’s having a boy-and, you know, I’m excited for Jay. It’s a great time.” Nothing harmful by Earl saying this in my opinion, but Jay clearly isn’t happy with it. He was currently caught flipping the bird to a paparazzi camera while walking his dog, and now he has deleted his twitter account as of May 3rd-



Earl aka @Agent_Orange80,  has almost 4,000 tweets, and was tweeting on a regular basis. His account has been stagnant since April 30th, so my guess is somebody told him to shy away from the social media giant for a little bit. Both are long-time friends and have been teammates since their Vanderbilt days. I’m sure this won’t hurt any chemistry on the field, or at least I hope it won’t, but Kristin is a media drone and probably enticed Jay to do something about it. Whatever the case may be, I really hope both put the high school drama to the side, and start to focus on the 2012-13 football season. The Bears have been very busy this off-season in making the team stronger, so distractions are the last thing a team filled with new players is looking for. Congratulations to “Midway Jay” on the news of becoming a father, but man up and stop acting like the baby you are about to bring into this glorious world. Stop walking around with that smug look on your face, and flicking off cameras. Smile once in awhile, or just wave at the paparazzi, things could be much worse right now Jay.

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  • JayCutler6 fan

    Well Said!

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  • Mike

    I saw jay at the restaurant brickstone Sunday night after their practice I followed him out in the parking lot and asked for an autograph, he ignored me like his crap doesnt stink. Sad thing was I was the only one in the parking lot not like there a other people. He didn’t have the time it really pissed me off, I take my kids to camp about 5 to 6 times a year and this jackass doesnt ever sign for the kids that wait in line for hours, I waste so much time and money trying to show my kids a great time and this idiot of role model screws us over all the time. I’m sure jay will be a horrible father an I’m sure his drama queen girlfriend will breakup and the bears will have a bad second half of their season. Bennets right and I hope jay doesn’t ever have another run in with me, jay has the money gone to your head are you just f’n stupid

    • Chicago Bear Jew

      I certainly understand your frustration