Chicago Bears Sign 2nd round pick Alshon Jeffery

By Chris Wickersham

According to multiple reports, the Chicago Bears have signed 2nd round pick Alshon Jeffery to a 4-year contract. The deal is for 4.52 million and has a signing bonus of 1.75 million. 4 days after the Bears announced taking him in the NFL draft. Jeffery is the 1st pick to be signed in the NFL and the Bears first draft pick to be signed.

The Chicago Bears are always one of the 1st teams to sign their draft picks, thanks to Cliff Stein whom is the one to sign draft picks. Stein always wants to sign all of his draft picks before June 1st. So, the signing of Jeffery this early is no surprise. We will probably hear more of the Bears draft signings in the next week or so.

Jeffery was the 45th pick of the NFL draft and the 13th pick of the 2nd round. Last year’s 13th pick of the 2nd round pick, Rahim Moore made 4,5 million and a signing bonus of 1.735 million. So … it looks like Jeffery made a little more than Moore did last year.

Adam Schefter brings up a great point, we could possibly be looking at fast rookie deal thanks to the new CBA.

Zach Zaidman brings up a great stat … Alshon Jeffery is the earliest 2nd round pick to sign since the Dallas Cowboys signed Kevin Williams on Aprile 28th, 1993.

Like I said in my article when the Bears drafted Jeffery, I expect him to be a draft pick to pay off. I expect him to have a great year paired with Brandon Marshall. There’s a good chance he will go into the 2012 season as the Bears 2nd wide receiver. You can find my article of the Bears selecting Jeffery here.

1 down, 5 more to go!

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