Post Draft Analysis Of The 2012 New York Jets: Linebackers

By Akiva Goldenberg

During the 2012 NFL Draft the New York Jets drafted 3-4 inside linebacker Demario Davis in the third round.  After the draft the team signed undrafted free agent Brett Roy, a versatile player who could play various positions, including outside linebacker, in the Jets scheme. Unfortunately neither player will have an immediate impact since they will both be backups, barring any injuries to starters ahead of them, in 2012.

Right now the projected starting linebackers for the team, according to, are: Calvin Pace (left outside linebacker), David Harris (inside linebacker), Bart Scott (inside linebacker), and Bryan Thomas (right outside linebacker). Outside linebacker Aaron Maybin will be returning as a situational pass rusher, but will most likely see more time on the field with a full off-season to learn the team’s playbook.

Maybin is the only player whose performance will realistically improve, due to the previously mentioned reason and him gaining weight. This means that Rex Ryan expects the defensive line to provide far more pressure in 2012 compared to last year. Fans should expect the team to line up in the 4-3 front frequently this year.

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