Eli Manning Saturday Night Live Performance on Par with Peyton's

By Jeff Shull

If you missed the Eli Manning Saturday Night Live performance, I suggest you head over to NBC’s website and check it out, after you’re done reading this thrilling review of it, of course. Older brother Peyton Manning set the bar very high with his performance in 2007, but the New York Giants‘ franchise quarterback definitely went blow for blow with his comedy punches.

His opening monologue was well written and right off the bat you could tell two things. First, it was clear Eli was comfortable performing in front of a large crowd. He seems to have gotten this reputation for being boring and having a dim personality. Neither was the case on Saturday night. You could also obviously see the funny side of Eli, letting you know you were in for a treat the rest of the way.

The monologue featured some funny lines, but mostly concentrated on Eli finally being a New Yorker, and answering questions from some “tourists” in the crowd. Easily the best line was when a tourist asked him where a good Italian food place was, with the response being Olive Garden.

Some of the skits didn’t go over well with me, but the court room banana picture scene is going to be a classic among athlete performers. You will remember that one the same way you remember Peyton hurling the football at young boys.

The best non-live skit was obviously the Little Brother foundation, where the writers played on Eli’s supposed younger sibling complex. In the skit Eli went around beating up young boys’ older brothers, he was their “worst f***in nightmare.” Classic line in this skit was Eli accidentally calling one of the older brother Peyton.

Eli was better than expected, and the show was entertaining for me for the first time in years.


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