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Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from Alma Mater Menlo College

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One of the most controversial conversations between Tennessee Titans fans is the very simple fact on if they like and/or agree with what the Owner; Bud Adams does on and off the field. Many think he does certain things to benefit just himself, like trying to grab Peyton Manning. Others think he lives for nothing but the team.

Menlo College thinks he is such an inspiration that they decided to honor him with an Honorary Doctorate degree at their graduation ceremony yesterday, May 5th. Menlo College is a private college in Atherton, California. The school was established in 1927 and is home to approximately 700 students.

I will have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of Adams. I respect though, the amount of responsibility that he holds. I believe that head coach Mike Munchak and General Manager Ruston Webster have a lot more to do with the team then Adams does. They are always out and around with the team and helping to makes improvements on what needs to change to make the team better. There is no beating around the bush with them.

One interesting thing though about Adams is the fact that he is an original owner of the National Football League. He has been with the Titans since 1997 when they made the move from Houston to Nashville, and since helped them climb to six playoff appearances, one AFC Championship and numerous divisional championships while both in the AFC North and South.  He is one of only four coaches in NFL history to reach 350 wins.

Adams graduated from Menlo College in 1942 and in 2002 he established the K. S. Bud Adams Jr. Endowed Scholarship. It is a scholarship in which helps around twenty students each year afford tuition. Something that the Titans are big on is movement in the community. Though I’m not the biggest fan of Adams, he gets a gold star in my book for these acts. Congratulations on the honorary degree.

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