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Anthony Hargrove Instructed By Gregg Williams and Joe Vitt To Lie About New Orleans Saints Bounty Program

Anthony Hargrove signed with the Green Bay Packers this offseason, but he can not escape his role in the bounty program of the New Orleans Saints.  In a document that he sent to the NFL, Hargrove said that disgraced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and Saints interim coach Joe Vitt told him to lie about the presence of a bounty program.

If Hargrove is telling the truth, Vitt should be removed from his job.  There is no reason that he should be coaching the Saints if he actively engaged in covering up the program.  That is a blatent disregard for rules, which the Saints apparently excel at.  Vitt is currently suspended for six games, but that number could grow.

I would imagine that Anthony Hargrove revealed this information in order to have his suspension reduced.  The defensive end is currently suspended for the first eight games of the 2012 season, but this could cut his suspension in half.  Then again, it is Roger Goodell.  He might decide to suspend Hargrove even more for lying up front.  You never know what is going on his mind.

The bounty system will continue to live on in the news cycle.  With concussions reaching a critical mass, the league has to eliminate programs that encourage injury.  It is hypocritical to not fight these programs while players are dying early and possibly hurting the lives of others.

Rant Sports will keep everyone updated on the appeal process as it goes on.  In the case of the Saints, I think the worse is still yet to come.