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Comparing Every Character on The Avengers to New York Giants

After having seen the new blockbuster movie The Avengers this afternoon, I thought it would be fun if I compared the main characters to their affiliates on the New York Giants. This should be interesting.

As far as action goes The Avengers did not disappoint. It had your typical comic book movie feel to it with some surprisingly good acting, especially from Mark Ruffalo who plays Hulk. It had your corny comedy moments, classic one-liners, and non-stop action.

I definitely recommend this movie. It was a bit surprising for me considering I didn’t like either of the Hulk movies, Iron Man 2 or Thor.

Anyways, here are the main characters with their New York Giants counterparts.

Captain America – Eli Manning

Is there really any surprise here? Captain America is the old school member of the group whose iconic weapon is his shield. Many believe Eli uses his personality as a way to shield the media from putting added pressure on him. He is also the unquestioned leader and veteran on his team. It took a while for them to come around, but eventually the group looked to Captain America for guidance.

Iron Man – Hakeem Nicks

Extremely cocky, arrogant, and intelligent, Iron Man is not used to playing with friends but surprises everyone at the end when he makes an ultimate sacrifice. This is Hakeem Nicks. He is confident in his abilities, smarter than people give him credit for, and is never afraid to go over the middle or extend high for catches. He puts his body on the line every week for his team.

Thor – Victor Cruz

Thor is literally the electrifying one of the group, capable of using the Hammer of Thor to summon lighting as a weapon. Victor Cruz is electrifying in his own right, capable of striking lighting on any play. This was most noticed on his NFL tying 99-yard touchdown reception against the New York Jets.

The Hulk – Tom Coughlin

This one was easy. Bruce Banner is a calm, collected, and very intelligent guy. When he turns in to the Hulk he loses all control and goes on a rage. You ever see Tom Coughlin get mad? He can really get angry and has been known to let loose on a player for screwing up. His on-camera faces during something like that are classic.

Hawkeye – Kenny Phillips

Hawkeye sees everything and is best when he is above the action, displaying lethal accuracy with his crossbow. He is not the flashiest of the group, but the Avengers know he contributes and they would have been worse off without him. This reminds me of Kenny Phillips, who mans the back of the Giants defense. He sees the field well, rarely takes bad angles on tackles, and the Giants would be nowhere without him, as proven during the 2009 season.

Black Widow – Martellus Bennett

I’m not sure Bennett  would appreciate me comparing him to a woman, but her qualities is what matters. She was not always a member of the good guys, but eventually joins with the Avengers and helps fight evil. She has elite combat training and is a weapons specialist. Her character is most like new addition Martellus Bennett. Bennett used to be a member of the Cowboys, the Giants’ hated rival, but has now joined the good guys. He can block, has good hands, is a tremendous athlete and is a bit of a diva.


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