Concluding Notes From Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Mini-Camp

On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers concluded their rookie mini-camp with a press conference from head coach Greg Schiano and the announcement of a couple of free-agent signings. The mini-camp took place from May 4-6 and included the seven draft picks, and also undrafted free agents and tryout players.

Early Monday morning, the Buccaneers made several roster moves, according to a team source. The Buccaneers signed 11 college free agents. Here’s the list:

DE Quintin Anderson, Wagner

S Sean Baker, Ball State

RB De’Anthony Curtis, Arkansas

P Eric Guthrie, Iowa

T Jermarcus Hardrick, Nebraska

QB Jordan Jefferson, LSU

FB Antonio Leak, Henderson State

DT Jordan Nix, North Carolina

TE Danny Noble, Toledo

C Moe Petrus, Connecticut

DT Myles Wade, Portland State

Obviously, the most notable player on this list is QB Jordan Jefferson. Greg Schiano said he saw that Jefferson progressed each practice, and that he has a very strong arm. This prompted the Buccaneers to sign him. However, none of these players are guaranteed a training camp invite.

I mean, honestly, I must say I’ve never heard of Henderson State. Of course, I looked it up and found out it lies in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Either that’s common knowledge and I’m dumb, or that place sounds like Philadelphia, but is pretty much unheard of. I’m not bashing these players by any means, although it may sound like it. There definitely is some potential here, and there could be a diamond in the rough, but these players will definitely have to prove themselves.

The Buccaneers also announced that they have waived a couple of players as expected. Otherwise, the roster would have exceeded the maximum number allocated. Oh, and by “a couple of players,” I actually meant 12. So here’s that list:

WR Luther Ambrose

LB Ryan Baker

LB Mike Balogun

QB Zach Collaros

S Ron Girault

C Chaz Hine

DT Donte’e Nicholls

T Trevor Olson

G Chris Riley

K Jake Rogers

CB Quenton Washington

T Rocky Weaver

The most notable player on this list is probably quarterback Zach Collaros out of Cincinnati. It’s always the quarterbacks, right? Collaros threw for 6,272 yards at Cincinnati. Another notable would be Chaz Hine who went to the University of South Florida and was a local player. However, the Buccaneers decided to part ways with him, along with 11 others.

Greg Schiano also stated that he wasn’t disappointed with anything he saw out of the seven draft picks, and that everyone mostly worked hard. Overall, it appeared that he was pretty pleased with the mini-camp. Schiano and his staff even called off the final practice.

The next time the coaches and players will meet is on the 15th of May for an OTA (organized team activity).

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