Mike Shanahan Dodged Controversy by Naming Robert Griffin III Starter

By Emmanual Benton

The Washington Redskins concluded their 3 day Rookie mini camp on Sunday, which marked the first time Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III threw on a field together. When Washington selected Cousins 102 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, it seemingly opened a can of worms – for some it was the beginning of an unwarranted Quarterback Controversy. Mike Shanahan was obviously aware, and decided to waste no time naming Robert Griffin III Washington’s starting Quarterback.


Two weeks after selecting RG3 #2 overall, Mike Shanahan stated the obvious, while knocking down any form of future controversy. “He’s our starter, period,” Shanahan said. Though Shanahan often preaches competition at every position, he wanted to make it clear – neither Rex Grossman nor Kirk Cousins will have a shot to be the Redskins starting QB. The only QB job that may somewhat be open is the backup position. Kirk and Rex will compete. There was and will never be a QB controversy, as long as Robert Griffin III efficiently does his job. Which we all expect him to do.

Mike Shanahan made a solid PR move and simply said what he needed to say. It seems like Shanahan is learning from his “verbal” mistakes in the past, and wants to put RG3 in the best situation possible. Shanahan also told the media congregated at Redskins park that he’s working on tailoring the system to Robert. “Anytime you trade 2 firsts and a 2nd, you must have a plan in place,” said Shanahan. The Shanaplan is in full swing, and I’m excited to see this franchise finally heading in the correct direction.

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