Cris Carter Reveals He Put Bounties on Players

By Andrew Fisher

In what should be the start of many confessions from retired NFL players, former Minnesota Vikings receiver Cris Carter admitted to putting bounties on players during a broadcast of the Hill and Schlereth radio show Tuesday.

“I’m guilty of it,” Carter said.  “It’s the first time I’ve ever admitted it.  But I put a bounty on guys before.  I put bounties on guys.  And the guys tried to take me out, a guy tried to take a cheap shot on me, I put a bounty on him, right now.”

When asked if it was a money bounty, Carter replied, “Absolutely.”

“Protect me. . . .  Protect me from him. . . .  Especially if he’s playing a different position where I can’t protect myself,” Carter said.  “I’d tell one of them guards, ‘Hey man, this dude is after me, man.  Bill Romanowski.’  He told me he’s gonna me out before the game, in warm ups.  No problem.  ‘I’m gonna end your career, Carter.’  No problem.  I put a little change on his head before the game.  Protect myself, protect my family.  That’s the league that I grew up in.”

I applaud Carter’s honesty when talking about this situation. I hope his confession will break the ice for other former players, who want to tell their stories as well.

Bountygate is certainly a black eye for the NFL, but perhaps after people see just how prevalent bounties were back in the day, maybe they will back off the New Orleans Saints.

I’m certainly not defending the actions of the Saints players and coaches, but I do cut them a little slack, because they clearly weren’t the only ones doing it. The Saints just happened to be the team everyone found out about first.

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