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LaVar Arrington Believes That Player Safety Is Making The NFL Soft

LaVar Arrington was one thought to be the next big thing as aNFL linebacker.  Injuries derailed his career, but Arrington morphed into a great radio broadcaster with well-thought opinions.  His opinion on player safety that he expressed on Tuesday will not win him any friends.

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That is just a thoughtless thing to say.  The lives of many players are getting ruined by concussions, but Arrington thinks that players should not be aware of safety measures to protect themselves.  Arrington may have been misquoted, but that is a pretty hard quote to change.  Arrington simply thinks that players are being sissies because they want to protect themselves.

Although they are doing it in an extremely odd way, the league is trying to raise awareness about safety.  They are bringing the hammer down on illegal hits and the New Orleans Saints were used as an example if teams run bounties to injure players.  It is not a perfect system, but at least the league is trying something.  Too many people are getting hurt to ignore the issue for much longer.

As someone who suffered numerous concussions in football and even more in flag football (don’t ask), I understand why players want to educate themselves about the dangers of head injuries.  Concussions are not fun.  Each hit can make a concussion more likely.  I applaud players for trying to raise awareness about these dangers.  Arrington just does not get it I suppose.

Do you agree with LaVar Arrington?  Is the league going soft or should they continue to try to protect the players from extremely dangerous injuries?  Let Rant Sports know in the comments below.