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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Deal Passes House; Owners Wary of Changes

After a long fight, a new Vikings stadium in for the  Minnesota Vikings looks to be a reality.  The plan passed the Minnesota House by a 73-58 vote and the Senate will take a look at the proposal on Tuesday.  However, the owners of the team are not exactly happy that may have to pay more in the deal.

The owners have pledged 427 million dollars to the deal, which is currently estimated to be 975 million dollars overall.  The bill that passed the House, however, has the owners chipping in an additional 105 million to cover costs.  I imagine that they don’t exactly have that chunk of change in the couch.  This has been the major hurdle as they have wanted the Minnesota government to chip in more, but they have refused up to this point.

Regardless, this is the best news about the new Vikings stadium in the last few months.  Even as recent as a few weeks ago, the stadium deal was on life support.  The Los Angeles Vikings were about to become a reality but the last few weeks have seen the tide shift.  However, the owners still may balk at having to pay more.  They were hoping for more taxpayer dollars.

Don’t count the chickens before they hatch.  This deal looks good right now, but the Vikings stadium could vanish before we know it.  Lawmakers and politicians aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.  One false step and this deal could vanish.

What are your thoughts on the lawmakers pushing the owners to chip in more money?  Is it the right move or should the taxpayers pony up more money?  Let Rant Sports know by commenting below.