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Osi Umenyiora Speaks Out; In A Good Way

I know I’ve talked about Osi Umenyiora quite a bit since I’ve written on here, however with Brandon Jacobs gone, he’s one of the few guys who really speaks his mind. He’s also one of the few New York Giants who are probably unhappy with their role on the team. This time I won’t talk about how his skills against the run have eroded or the fact that the Giants will probably (and should) let him go after this season ends.


Osi tweeted earlier how he expects to be in a wheelchair by the time he turns 45. He went on Outside the Lines, where they have been and will continue to talk about concussions and the state of football all week, backtracking from the statement, saying it was an exaggeration. He talked about what the game has given him and the fact that all players know that football is a dangerous game, but that is the risk that they take to provide for their families and give themselves a better life than the one they had.


Even though Osi’s statement was an exaggeration, in many cases, it may end up being a reality for some of Osi’s contemporaries. As much as Osi will talk, and say things that at times will make you scratch your head, I applaud him for the tweet. Osi’s relatively new on twitter, but he’s already making an impact. He spoke in hyperbole, however he got his point across, like writers will do at times. I sincerely hope for Osi’s sake that he wasn’t prophetic in saying he would be in a wheelchair by 45.


No one deserves to have that happen to them whether they are a professional athlete or a traveling salesman. The men who are good enough to play football at the professional level know the risks involved when they strap on the pads and put their helmets on every game. However, they all need to be better protected from injuries and in some cases protected from themselves. If it takes more guys like Osi speaking out to help, then more power to them.