The Indianapolis Colts Finish 2012 Rookie Mini-Camp

By J.M. Nicholas

The 2012 rookie mini-camp for the Indianapolis Colts was not much more than what was expected. The new Colts met up and suited up, doing a meet-and-greet with the media, and with and each other. When it was all said and done, the Indianapolis Colts had brought in 40 rookies to evaluate and to evolve into a team that equals (or at least rivals) the record-breaking Indianapolis Colts of the last decade.

Comparisons aside, Andrew Luck will be the quarterback of the near-future for the Indianapolis Colts. As hard as it might be to let the legend of Peyton Manning pass, the NFL (and Indianapolis Colts fans) have to be prepared and be ready to let “The Horseshoe” evolve. Luck wore a red shirt for safety during the weekend, which was to be expected, as the Colts try to protect their number one draft pick.

Business is what it is, and no single player will ever be bigger than a franchise. As hard as it may be for fans, friends, players, posers, and the media to accept and adjust, these new Colts will not be the same as Peyton’s Colts.

The Colts coaching staff threw a lot at these rookies during the weekend-long mini-camp. Once it is completed, the full roster will meet up in June. Training camp begins in July.

Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, rookie head coach Chuck Pagano, and rookie general manager Ryan Grigson have set the stage for a new franchise. The question is, how long will it take until this new version of the Indianapolis Colts begins to win, and what will happen if their foundation for the future fails?



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