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Jerry Jones Contradicts Himself Regarding Trade for Dallas Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins

More contradicting smoke signals are floating out of Valley Ranch. On Wednesday, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said his team has no plans to trade cornerback Mike Jenkins and even called the player a part of the team’s future plans.

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This is another load of horse radish because reports were confirmed over the past two weeks the Cowboys made and received calls to other NFL teams regarding a trade for Jenkins. When Dallas traded up to draft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the writing was on the wall for Jenkins and no one inside the Cowboys’ organization denied that.

However, now Jones is making it appear he thinks Jenkins is a part of Dallas’ long-term plans, which he should be, but that can’t be true. There’s not enough room on one football team for three cornerbacks like Jenkins, Claiborne and new free agent signee Brandon Carr and those players know that as well as Jones.

Now keeping all three players would be the ideal situation for the Cowboys and if you’re a loyal reader, you know that’s been preached a lot here lately. However, the fact Dallas has already tried to trade Jenkins means he’s not part of the long-term plan, especially since he’ll be a free agent at the end of the season.

Of course, Jones could have meant the entirety of the season when he said “long-term,” but one would think just the 2012 season would be considered “short-term.”

The ideal scenario would be for the Cowboys to sign Jenkins to a long-term deal and have a three-headed monster at the cornerback position and that seems like a reality the way Jones is talking these days. However, anyone familiar with Jones knows just because he says Jenkins is “a vital part of the long-term” plan doesn’t mean he actually believes that. In fact, it’s safe to bet a large amount of money that Jones doesn’t believe that.

Now, rumors from Valley Ranch over the past two weeks also stated the Cowboys literally didn’t get a single offer for Jenkins, which is hard to believe at first, but it actually makes sense. Jenkins is coming off shoulder surgery this off-season, so no team is willing to take a risk on him. But don’t be surprised if Jenkins is a starter at the beginning of the 2012 season so the Cowboys can showcase him as trade bait. Then don’t be shocked once Jones trades Jenkins just before the trade deadline. “Part of the long-term” plan…indeed.

Jenkins should be part of the long-term plan, but he’s not.

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